Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

The meaning of the Sanskrit word tri implies 3 , three and kona stands for corner or angle. Therefore “three corner or three angle posture” are much known as the triangle posture. This pose of asana is also recognized as the utthita trikona asana. Utthita intends elongated or broadened hence this is the Extended Triangle Pose.

It is pronounced as tri-cone-ah-sa-na


Benefits of  Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

There are many  benefits of Trikona asana.

  • It helps to  reduce fat accumulated on thigh and waist.
  • Trikona asna or triangle pose helps in relieving from constipation and  stomach upset by stimulating  abdominal muscle organs, re-establishing the digestive burn down and energizing the appetency. Read Full Article
Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

Vrischika Asana – The Scorpion Pose

Introduction of  Vrischika Asana

The meaning of the sanskrit word Vrischika stand for scorpion. This pose is so named as Vrischika Asana or scorpion pose because while performing this asana our body resembles and looks like a scorpion.A  scorpion is an insect  who has its  tail curved above its head prepared to bite its victim. This asana is not as simple as it may look. A beginner may find it really difficult for the first time to perform this asana.
The usual Pronunciation of this asana is vrik-shah-sa-na

Benefits of  Vrischika Asana,The Scorpion Pose

This asana aid  in maximizing wellness and vital force of our body. It give strengthness to the muscle of hand and arms. Increases the balance power of the body. As you balance your entire body on your hands, the muscle of wrist and palm are strengthen a lot.  It helps in curing abdominal disorder. This asana provide extra flexibility and elasticity to your spine and belly. It helps you in shaping your body posture or figure.  Whenever you can’t execute this pose fully, then you may practice it in half pattern . It is known as the Ardha Vrishchikasana or Half Scorpion Posture. It combines up many advantages of Chakra-ASANA- Wheel Posture and Sirsha-Asana Read Full Article

Vrischika Asana – The Scorpion Pose

Yoga For Glowing And Beautiful Skin

There are five sensory organs in our body; skin is one of the five sensory organs.

Skin reflects the internal beauty of the body. It is the third most part of our body to purify blood. Millions of glands of skin purify the blood and forced the impurities to go out of the body in the form of sweat and dirt through the skin pores.

Beautiful and Glowing skin

Everybody in the world wants that his or her skin should always glow, looks healthy, clean and always remain youthful.The skin is the one of the important part of our life. It is the preservative stratum and covering of the body which has all over seven million pores.  It is  the only sensational part of the body; it is impossible to prick the skin with a needle without producing pain and causing a flow of blood within. The main function of the skin is to regularize and maintain the temperature of the body.  People who sweats  lot  freely in the summer season are having less problem with the heat of the sun rather  than who does not sweat, this is because  the excess heat of the body is carried away by the sweat collectively with the breathing out from the lungs Read Full Article

Yoga For Glowing And Beautiful Skin

Ugra Asana -The Noble Pose Posture


The meaning of the sanskrit word ugra agency  powerful, omnipotent, mighty, strong ,firm or dignify (noble). It may be sometime known as  the noble or powerful posture. The other name of Ugra Asana / The Noble Pose Posture is  also titled as the Pascimottana-asana or the Brahmacharyaasana. The word pascima could signify behind, afterward, final or last but actually it virtually stands for “western” as per the concern of direction, hence implies back-stretching pose.

It is pronounced as oo-grah-sa-na.

Benefits of Ugra Asana / The Noble Pose Posture

Ugra Asana / The Noble Pose Posture has many benefits and advantages particularly related to spine. Once the Ugra Asana / The Noble Pose Posture is performed in the right way , each and every vertebrae of the backbone and also the  muscle in the backbone is elongated in a highly beneficial manner. It increases the flow of fresh blood in abdomen area and also tone up the abdomen muscle when there is  contraction or muscular contraction of the abdomen accompanied by the dismission of the contraction. It also solve gastric problem , slow digestion and constipation. Ugra Asana / The Noble Pose Posture helps in  relieving tiredness and discomfort in the lower appendages by stretching the muscle Read Full Article

Ugra Asana -The Noble Pose Posture

Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand

Introduction to Sirsha Asana:

The thinking of the sanskrit word sirsha entails head. Hence this pose is known as headstand posture. Sirsha Asana. The Head-Stand is popularly linked up with the practice of Yoga. In yoga recitation, Sirsha Asana. The Head-Stand represents one and only the most significant yoga postures. Dubbed as “master of all the yoga poses”, headstand pose proved beneficial for the whole body when practiced safely. In the headstand pose, the torso is entirely inverted and  sustained by the forearms. Upside-down asanas invert the gravitational activity of the body;  In Sirsha Asana / The Head-Stand the orientation course draws in the ways of head and therefore it brings the mind ready for meditation. The general pronunciation of this Asana is lile sir-shah-sa-na.

Benefits of  Sirsha Asana – The Head-Stand

There are numerous benefits of Sirsha Asana. The Head-Stand. It aids to meliorate digestion, specially whenever you’re tolerating/facing constipation problem. This asana brings down anxiousness, tension, improves wellness and promotes confidence. Sirsha Asana, The Head-Stand evokes the pressure level upon contraceptive diaphragm and therefore it equanimities and intensifies respiration. This Asana does good for the brain and internal organs as it flows blood to  tissues and cells. Helps in curing the problem  of menopause, headaches, sinusitis Read Full Article

Sirsha Asana -The Head-Stand

Are Hormonal Methods the Best in Birth Control?

Available in the market currently are over 20 types of birth control including condoms, IUD’s, and hormonal pills. Some are so uncomplicated to apply while others may need the help of a doctor. Yet, even with this broad range of choices, women still have a tough time deciding which one is best for them. The Mirena birth control lawsuits and sexually transmitted diseases are issues on the subject that has made it even more difficult.

Option of birth control

Not one method is deemed best for anyone. The circumstances and the need of the woman would dictate in her choice of method. Both wife and husband should make the decision in these cases. In general, the criteria would cover effectiveness of the method, the cost involve, physical attributes of the woman or man in some cases, purpose of the birth control, potential side effects, and the convenience desired.

One does not relish the idea of an unwanted pregnancy after supposedly taking precautionary measures therefore effectiveness should be a major consideration. According to the book Contraceptive Technology, the most effective methods are those using hormones which have a pregnancy rate of less than one percent. Included under this category might be the hormonal implant, combined pill and the hormone shot. Also having less than one percent pregnancy rates are the copper IUD and the surgical procedures of vasectomy for men and tubular ligation for women Read Full Article

Are Hormonal Methods the Best in Birth Control?

Importance of Protein

What is Protein?

Protein are the building block and units of the body.  Protein is one of the most significant nutrient for preserving a healthy body. It perform a major role in bringing about body growth and development, so regular consumption of protein is an unconditioned requirement of the every aged body. Unfortunately, numerous common sources of protein-like red meat, eggs, cheese and whole milk-product are nothing but excessively full of fat and has higher level of cholesterol.

All enzymes in our body  are actually proteins.  In every chemical reaction that take place in our body, thousands of enzymes  helped in such reaction in the body.  Proteins may alike be converted to carbohydrate or fat which is to be utilized for fuel.  Sufficient amount of protein in our body assists in preserving  a effective energy state, steadies blood glucose, aids in adrenal gland and thyroid gland activity, helps oneself in controlling  weight and assists bowel function.  Proteins are actually substantial molecules in our cells. It is demanded in nearly all cell functions and operation. Each and every protein inside the torso holds a particular function. Few proteins are required for  constructive support, as others proteins are involved  in bodily motility, or in the activity of defense against germs. Read Full Article

Importance of Protein