Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

The meaning of the Sanskrit word tri implies 3 , three and kona stands for corner or angle. Therefore “three corner or three angle posture” are much known as the triangle posture. This pose of asana is also recognized as the utthita trikona asana. Utthita intends elongated or broadened hence this is the Extended Triangle Pose.

It is pronounced as tri-cone-ah-sa-na


Benefits of  Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

There are many  benefits of Trikona asana.

  • It helps to  reduce fat accumulated on thigh and waist.
  • Trikona asna or triangle pose helps in relieving from constipation and  stomach upset by stimulating  abdominal muscle organs, re-establishing the digestive burn down and energizing the appetency. Read Full Article
Trikona Asana – The Triangle Pose

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