Tada Asana – The Mountain Pose

Introduction: Tada Asana – The Mountain Pose

The meaning of the sanskrit word tada signifies mountain. The other name of this asana is the  samasthiti asana. The meaning of the word Sama means unchanged, balance, and sthiti stands for standing upright or unwaveringly, abiding, so samasthiti implies standing firmly without moving.
It is pronounced as ta-dah-sa-na. Tada asana


Benefits of Tada Asana- The Mountain Pose

Many problem arises due to bad body posture , due to stiffness in the back , your spine is not able to be properly coordinated this result into an  unbalance in the body. As this unbalance goes addicted several forms of troubles develop in the organs, secretory organ and systema nervosum. The most significant and  primary benefit of Tadasana are as like abdominal and legs region are strengthen, provide flexibility to knees, hip and ankles, daily practiced of this asana strengthen  the systema nervosum(Nervous  system) of the body , improve body structure, develop confidence, makes your spinal cord smooth, helps in increasing height of the body,  relieve from sciatica, helps in  excretion Read More Article

Tada Asana – The Mountain Pose

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