Linga Mudra

Introduction : Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra is proudly called as the Mudra of Heat and Energy. The term “Linga” is the Sanskrit word for genus Phallus i.e the male genital organ. Linga mudra help to step-ups the body heat energy as it reinforces the fire element of the body. The thumb finger symbolizes the fire element of human body. This fire is strengthened by executing the linga mudra. The fire factor which dwells in the thumb is sparked off and is capable to increment unrestrained. In Sanskrit “Linga” or “Angustha” also refers to ‘thumb”.


Benefits of Linga Mudra

  • The linga mudra may make up to get over the disorders likes shuddering and shivering owed to excess of cold weather,  Sexual feebleness in males,  asthma attack and additional respiratory disorder that happen due to changing of weather, Ailments induced from an overrun/ collection of mucose in the body such as colds, sinusitis, wet cough.
  • It reinvigorates the torso.
  • It blocks the production of phlegm or mucous and render great power to lungs.
  • The Linga mudra represents as a curative aids for the lungs, defending against coldnesses and common cold atmospheric condition and also Strengthens Read Full Article 
Linga Mudra

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