Golden Tips of Yoga

Tips of Yoga-Best Time for Asana

You can practiced asana in morning as well as in evening. If it’s not possible for you to do asana in both the time then early morning is the most beneficial and best  time to perform Asanas as your mind rest in peace, stay calm and most important that nearly  all the people are thoroughly in deep sleep at this time, the paranormal space of the integrative awareness is not active with their mentations. Execute asana in empty stomach after going to your toilet  room. whenever you wish to practice asana in evening time then remember that there should at least 5 -6 hours gap between lunch and asana.  If you are suffering from constipation then  try to drink water kept in Copper or Silver utensil early in the morning then walk for a while, this tip may help you a lot to solve the problem of constipation.

Golden Tips of Yoga

Tips of Yoga- Best Place for Asana

Neat & clean, peaceful and lonely places are the best for asana. Practicing asana in open space like in greeny garden or near river or under a tree in short close to nature is most preferable place for asana as there is sufficient supply of oxygen in this places which is good for your health. You  can perform asana in Read Full Article

Golden Tips of Yoga

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