Vira Asana-The Hero Pose

Intoduction:- Vira Asana-The Hero Pose

The meaning of the Sanskrit word vira stands for hero, courageous, brave, successful man, or warrior. It is usually as pronounced as veer-ah-sa-na.

Like Padmasana – The Lotus Posture , Vira Asana is also an option of sitting pose for meditaion and Pranayam .


Benefits of Vira Asana/The Hero Pose

Vira Asana/The Hero Pose improved the level of blood circulation in joints as the neck, spinal cord, legs,and the waist are well exercised in the asana. It also boosts the performance of digestive organs. It is also said that people who practices Vira Asana/The Hero Pose develop a quality of bravery, heroic and courage in them.

Vira Asana/The Hero Pose

You can carry on the pose for more minutes for the duration of your Pranayam or meditation.

Steps for Vira Asana /The Hero Pose

1.Firstly kneeling down on the floor such that tops of the feet is flat on the base/floor and the thighs touching.

2. As holding back the knees unitedly,tardily and slowly outspread your feet, approximately shoulder space separate. Keep your buttocks flat on the floor. and The soles of your feet must be exposed facing upward and the external sides of the second joint(thigh) must touch the interior sides of the calves. Keep the palm of your Read Full Article

Vira Asana-The Hero Pose

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