Dhanura Asana / The Bow Pose

Introduction to Dhanura Asana –

The Sanskrit word dhanur signifies bow-shaped, arced or twisted. The bow referred here is a bow in “bow and arrow.” This asana represents as the body depicts the figure of a bow with its thread stretched out back at the ready pose to shoot a pointer.
It is pronounced as dha-noor-ah-sa-na.


Benefits of Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose

The ultimate and obvious advantage of the Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose  is that it rejuvenates flexibleness in the spine. Daily practice session of Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose would help to get relieve from lower back pain and also expel stress and strain form the upper back and neck region. The cyclic pattern of stretching and releasing of the abdominal muscle may increases the level of blood flow to this area and helps to cure all sorts of digestive troubles and uncomfortablenesses. Pains or tiredness in the legs can also be released after a couple of repetitions. Constant practice Read Full Article

Dhanura Asana / The Bow Pose

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