Home remedies for diabetes

What is diabetes?

It is a disorder of the metabolic process stimulating excessive thirst and the production of large amounts of urine.


Home remedies for diabetes.

1-Take 4-5 green and soft leaves of Jamun. Wash and clean it properly. Chop the leaves  finely and smash it in 60 gm of clean water. Filter the water properly and drink the water,( repeat the same for 10 days), early in the morning. After that repeat the same procedure after 2 month. It will surely help you in controlling diabetes.

2- At the initial stage of diabetes, take 4 jamun leaves. Wash and clean it thoroughly. Chew and eat it in the morning and in the evening . You will find improvement in diabetes from the third day itself.

3-Take 60 gm of ripe jamun. Boil 300gm of water. After that pour all the jamuns in 300gm of boiling water. Cover the lid of the container and keep aside to cool down. When the water cools down, smash the jamun in the same water and then filter it to remove the skin of jamun. Make 3 Equal part of the water and drink it three time a day
(morning, evening and night). This home remedies of diabetes will help you to control the sugar concentration in urine. Follow this home remedies of diabetes for few days and it will cure chronic diabetes. Read Full Article

Home remedies for diabetes

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