Yoga for Obesity

Yoga for Obesity

Everyone in the world wishes to look smart, beautiful/handsome and most important “SLIM”, Fit and fine. But most common problem, majority of people facing is Excess weight gain. It has become very usual in our life because of the lifestyles that we are living, eating  food with extra calories, ignorance about health and lack of consciousness about yoga. Today our young generation love to watch T.V, play video games or any kind of indoor games,  rarely do any kind of exercise or play, not only young generation of our society but also adult and mature people are very much attracted toward luxury, comfort life and hardly spend time for a walk or exercise or yoga or take their children to park and play  with them ,isn’it? As a result, it reflect the outcome on their health resulting into weight gain and obesity. These are only a few factors, which have resulted in increasing number of people who are  suffering from the problem of excess weight or obesity. Need of Yoga for Obesity

Yoga for Obesity

What is obesity?

1. Excess deposition or accumulation of fats (Resulting in increased weight)
2. In today’s modern and highly advanced world, no time for Physiologic bodily function, resulting in aggregation of fats.
3. Obesity may become reason or invitation  for various other diseases like hypertension,cardiopathy, diabetes & infertility also. Read Full Articles

Yoga for Obesity

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