Benefits of Hakini Mudra

Hakini Mudra – Power Your Mind

The Sanskrit meaning of Hakini is Dominion, power or Rule. It is known as the power of mind or Mudra for mind. The Hakini Mudra OR Murdra for mind is one among the outstanding Mudras to heighten cognitive powers and ability by encouraging co-operation between both the hemispheres of the brain. Mudra virtually signifies a gesture or pose, commonly created using the hands that interlocks and channelizes vitality flow and reflexes to the brain. Hakini Mudra is always associated with the divinity within. Hakini Mudra (mudra for mind) is the mudra for body, mind and soul.Benefits of Hakini Mudra

Benefits of Hakini Mudra

The benefits of Hakini Mudra are very important as it help in developing concentration level. Hakini mudra helps oneself to concentrate. It has been discovered that Hakini mudra encourages and increase the memory capability of the body.  It opens up approach to the right hemisphere of the brain, where the memory is stored. This mudra as well meliorates and intensifies breathing or respiration which directly influences the brain to Read Full Article

Benefits of Hakini Mudra

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