Importance of Calcium For Kids

Importance of Calcium For Kids

Calcium for kids is a fundamental building block for firm, strong and healthy bones. But are we sure enough that our kids get sufficient amount of calcium in their diet. In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle, where both the parents are working, children mostly rely on fast and processed food which is rich of fats and cholesterol, not Calcium or Iron. So it is a serious concern for the all parent to thinks about their child’s intake of essentials mineral like Calcium. But nearly kids ages 9 to 18 do not get the recommended 1,300 milligrams of calcium per day. But at every age, right from infancy to adolescence, calcium is one such nutrient that kids simply cannot afford to skip.



As per the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) recommendation, children require different amounts of calcium at different ages. Poor consumption of calcium in children leads to weaker bones, which have a greater chance of breaking. Calcium for kids throughout their lifespan but particularly during their two major growth development phase. The first stage is from early Read Full Article

Importance of Calcium For Kids

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