Do’s & Don’ts of Pranayam

DO’s of Pranayam

Make an habit of drinking warm water in the morning. After going toilet when you stomach is empty before breakfast.

Greet your elders in morning you will get blessings from your mother and others which will help you to be successful in your every life-stage. <!– more –>

Practice yoga or Pranayam for at least 25-30 minutes. Deep breathing for 5 minutes and Kapalbhati for 10 minutes and Anulom vilom for 10 minutes and your health problem will disappear one by one upto 90% in some patients 100%.

Do’s & Don’ts of Pranayam

Eat Green Vegetables.

Drink fresh Juices ( loki, Palak, Gehu Ka Jawara)

Eat Garlic (Chatni) with dinner or lunch because Garlic is cheap Blood Purifier, Antioxidant, Anti-toxic, Anti-cancer & which Protects cells against damage caused by free radicals which are easily found in our environmental pollutants including heavy metals & have been used to shrink hemorrhoids. Read Full Article

Do’s & Don’ts of Pranayam

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