Benefits of Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

Introduction to Chakra Asana

Chakra,is derived from the root word chak i.e to move signifies wheel and thus this is known as Wheel Posture. It is also referred as the urdhva-dhanurasana. The meaning of Urdhva implies aroused, raised or erect and dhanur symbolize for bow. Both “wheel posture (Chakra asana)” and “raised bow posture (urdhva-dhanurasana)” briefly describe the appearance of this asana.

It is generally pronounced as chu-krah-sa-na.

Benefits of Chakra-Asana- Wheel Posture

Benefits of Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

Most importantly this asan provide you durability and suppleness to repairs your spine. It not only fortifies/strengthen your arms, shoulder joint and upper back but also energizes/stimulate your circulatory system. The Chakra-Asana gives an total refreshing outcome to your entire body system, because of the suppleness of the backbone that is fixed after a time period of exercise you are able to perform the perfect form of this asana and therefore feel better benefits.

First of all make sure that your arms are as upright as possible with no curve in the elbows. Once you are able to hold the asana easily and comfortably, start respiring by the nostrils, although while holding back the pose and attempting to aim a bigger curve in the vertebral column by getting your hands Nearer to your feet and/or getting your feet nearer to your hands. At last, you will be able to extend the length of duration Read Full Article

Benefits of Chakra Asana – Wheel Posture

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