Benefits of Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose


The meaning of the sanskrit word Vrischika stand for scorpion. This pose is so named as scorpion pose because while performing this asana our body resembles and looks like a scorpion.A  scorpion is an insect  who has its  tail curved above its head prepared to bite its victim. This asana is not as simple as it may look. A beginner may find it really difficult for the first time to perform this asana.
The usual Pronunciation of this asana is vrik-shah-sa-na

Benefits of  Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose

Benefits of  Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose:

This asana aid  in maximizing wellness and vital force of our body. It give strengthness to the muscle of hand and arms. Increases the balance power of the body. As you balance your entire body on your hands, the muscle of wrist and palm are strengthen a lot.  It helps in curing abdominal disorder. This asana provide extra flexibility and elasticity to your spine and belly. It helps you in shaping your body posture or figure.  Whenever you can’t execute this pose fully, then you may practice it in half pattern . It is known as the Ardha Vrishchikasana or Half Scorpion Posture. It combines up many advantages of Chakra-ASANA- Wheel Posture and Sirsha-Asana

Unless and  until you’re well-fixed with every  balance postures like Vriksha – ASANA – The Tree Pose or Ekapada-ASANA-One Legged Pose or Sirsha-asana Read Full Article

Benefits of Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose

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