Benefits of Ardhachandra Asana


The meaning of the Sanskrit word ardha denote “half,” and the word chandra denote “moon,” thus, this ASANA is known as the “half moon” posture.

It is pronounced as ard-ha-chun-drah-sa-na.

Benefits of Ardhachandra Asana


The Ardhachandra Asana or half moon pose is a most common stretching out and balancing posture that will not only prove beneficial primarily for your lower back but also be beneficial for your stomach and thorax. Ardhachandra Asana is evenly appropriate for use in your daily stretching exercise routine as well as formal asana Practice session. If you recall back this pose is one of the pose that is sequenced in The Sun Salutation – Suryanamaskar

Steps for Ardhachandra Asana – The Half – moon Pose

1. Stand in a position so that both the feet are touched from the heel to the big pointed-toe like Tada asana, Holding the backbone erect and the arms Read More
Benefits of Ardhachandra Asana

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