Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose


The Sanskrit word baddha signifies a attachment,bond, chain, arrested or restrained,bounded. The word pada implies foot, and kona stands for corner or angle hence this is known as the restrained-foot-angle posture.
It is usually pronounced as ba-dah-cone-ah-sa-na.



Benefits of Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose

Frequent exercise of the baddhakona-asana helps in the elongation of your knees and provokes and improve blood circulation in the legs. This asana should be practiced oftentimes till one is well-fixed and comfortable sitting down in the padma-asana. Besides the legs, the major regions of the body that are energized and stimulated, are the abdomen, hip and lower back, it also helps to keep the kidneys, prostate gland and vesicle /bladder fit. The baddha-konasana is one among the few poses that may be Rehearsed comfortably shortly after eating.

Baddha-kona-Asana– The Restrained Angle Pose

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