Benefits of Chakra-Asana- Wheel Posture


Chakra,is derived from the root word cak i.e to move signifies wheel and thus this is known as Wheel Posture. It is also referred as the urdhva-dhanurasana. The meaning of Urdhva implies aroused, raised or erect and dhanur stands for bow. Both “wheel posture (Chakra asana)” and “raised bow posture (urdhva-dhanurasana)” briefly describe the appearance of this asana.

It is generally pronounced as chu-krah-sa-na.

Chakra-Asana- Wheel Posture

Benefits of Chakra-Asana- Wheel Posture

Most importantly this asan provide you durability and suppleness to repairs your spine. It not only fortifies/strengthen your arms, Read More

Benefits of Chakra-Asana- Wheel Posture

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