Benefits of Dhanura Asana or The Bow Pose

Introduction: –

The Sanskrit word dhanur signifies bow-shaped, arced or twisted. The bow referred here is a bow in “bow and arrow.” This asana represents as the body depicts the figure of a bow with its thread stretched out back at the ready pose to shoot a pointer.
It is pronounced as dha-noor-ah-sa-na.


Benefits of Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose

The ultimate and obvious advantage of the Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose  is that it rejuvenates flexibleness in the spine. Daily practice session of Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose would help to get relieve from lower back pain and also expel stress and strain form the upper back and neck region. The cyclic pattern of stretching and releasing of the abdominal muscle may increases the level of blood flow to this area and helps to cure all sorts of digestive troubles and uncomfortablenesses. Pains or tiredness in the legs can also be released after a couple of repetitions. Constant practice will helps you to develop upper-body strength.
You can perform Dhanura Asana  / The Bow Pose 2 -3 Read Full Article

Benefits of Dhanura Asana or The Bow Pose

Benefits of Garuda-Asana or The Eagle Pose

Introduction: –

The meaning of Sanskrit word garuda stands for eagle. According to Hindu mythology Garuda represents, the king of birds. He is vahan or mode of transports of the God Vishnu.
Its Pronunciation is ga-roo-dah-sa-na.


Benefits of Garuda-Asana (The Eagle Pose)
The health benefits of Garuda-asana are numerous. It will tone up and strengthen your legs, knee joint and ankle joint.Garuda-asana elongates and tones up the muscles of the leg and may aid in relieving different cramps of the legs.

You can perform this asana as long as you are comforted. For early attempts you Read Full Article

Benefits of Garuda-Asana or The Eagle Pose

Importance Of Yoga For Children

Yoga For Children

The most pleasurable phase of human life is childhood, isn’t it? A life free from every tension, worries, troubles, stress. It is an unforgettable part in everybody life. Even after we grow up or become a matured citizen, we never ever forget our childhood memories. Memories are of several types, few are unpleasant or some are sweet like chocolate. We enjoy and love to recall good, pleasant and beautiful memories because they not only sooth our minds but also make us feel happy and provide mental peace. One of such good memory is of childhood.


Importance Of Yoga For Children

Childhood memories always remain fresh and joyful. Children are innocents and ignorant, they don’t recognize bad or good, they are pure free from all negative feelings like selfish, ego, cruelty, anger etc.They don’t consider in partitions and limits. Childhood of your child can be made more better through the blessing of Yoga.

Yoga for children can be a boon toward the overall development of your child. In the super fast world, it is the demand of the time to be extra active and energetic. Children have to perform many  activities. Apart from studies, they also Read Full Article

Importance Of Yoga For Children

Benefits of Ekapada-Asana-One Legged Pose

Introduction: –

The meaning of the Sanskrit word eka stands for one and pada stands for foot. Hence it is more commonly known as one-legged pose.

It is Pronounced as eka-pod-ah-sa-na.



Benefits of Ekapada-Asana-One Legged Pose

The most important requirement of this asana is to create or become aware of your body/mind as a whole. The Ekapada-Asana not only tone up and give strengthness to your leg muscles but also in addition to improves your sense of balance and helps oneself to focalize your concentration. When you exercise this position try to focus and concentrate it on full body-awareness, turning your attention departed from misdirection of the mind. Constant attempt in the Ekpada-Asana will help to boost up your concentration level. The regular practitioner will be able cultivate an inner stability. The ekpada-asana likewise gives way strength to the hips and lower back.
You can hold on this posture for a minimum of thirty seconds and can extend up to several Read Full Article 

Benefits of Ekapada-Asana-One Legged Pose

Golden Tips of Asana

Best Time for Asana

You can practiced asana in morning as well as in evening. If it’s not possible for you to do asana in both the time then early morning is the most beneficial and best  time to perform Asanas as your mind rest in peace, stay calm and most important that nearly  all the people are thoroughly in deep sleep at this time, the paranormal space of the integrative awareness is not active with their mentations. Execute asana in empty stomach after going to your toilet  room. whenever you wish to practice asana in evening time then remember that there should at least 5 -6 hours gap between lunch and asana.  If you are suffering from constipation then  try to drink water kept in Copper or Silver utensil early in the morning then walk for a while, this tip may help you a lot to solve the problem of constipation.

 Best Place for Asana

Neat & clean, peaceful and lonely places are the best for asana. Practicing asana in open space like in greeny garden or near river or under a tree in short Read Full Article

Golden Tips of Asana

Tips for Yoga

Age for Asana

The main intention of Yoga and Asana is to get control over your restless mind and soul. Asana is practiced to increase your concentration level and develop inner happiness and peace but at the same time it is very essential to be aware about your age, physical strength, mental ability and health problem. If you are well alert about all this factor then only you can absorb complete benefits of Yoga and Asana. As such there is no age restriction for Yoga practice, you can start yoga and asana at the age of  60 also and  continue even if you are 100 yrs of age. Children can begin Yoga and Asana from 10 yrs of their age onward. Old, Weak people can do only specific of asana for limited time period only. Children and youth free from health problem are capable of practicing all type of asana. It is suggested and advisable that pregnant women do not perform any difficult and stretchy asana. People suffering from chronic health problem must consult with their doctors before beginning of any kind of asana.


Precaution for Yoga

Yoga is a sacred way of leading a better life if and only if when it is executed in a proper way. In spite of many benefits of Yoga, you have to follow certain precaution for Yoga like people who are suffering from high or low blood pressure and heart disorder must consult  their doctor or Yoga instructor  before practicing any kind of Yoga pose , don’t practice Yoga or Asana on sofas and beds, those who have  respiration troubles should not Read Full Article

Tips for Yoga

Benefits of Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose


The meaning of the sanskrit word Vrischika stand for scorpion. This pose is so named as scorpion pose because while performing this asana our body resembles and looks like a scorpion.A  scorpion is an insect  who has its  tail curved above its head prepared to bite its victim. This asana is not as simple as it may look. A beginner may find it really difficult for the first time to perform this asana.
The usual Pronunciation of this asana is vrik-shah-sa-na

Benefits of  Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose

Benefits of  Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose:

This asana aid  in maximizing wellness and vital force of our body. It give strengthness to the muscle of hand and arms. Increases the balance power of the body. As you balance your entire body on your hands, the muscle of wrist and palm are strengthen a lot.  It helps in curing abdominal disorder. This asana provide extra flexibility and elasticity to your spine and belly. It helps you in shaping your body posture or figure.  Whenever you can’t execute this pose fully, then you may practice it in half pattern . It is known as the Ardha Vrishchikasana or Half Scorpion Posture. It combines up many advantages of Chakra-ASANA- Wheel Posture and Sirsha-Asana

Unless and  until you’re well-fixed with every  balance postures like Vriksha – ASANA – The Tree Pose or Ekapada-ASANA-One Legged Pose or Sirsha-asana Read Full Article

Benefits of Vrischika – Asana – The Scorpion Pose